Professional Fitness Trainer Courses
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Every person, at least once in the lifetime thinks about making a decision of getting their health fixed. Every person has a different idea of their fitness training routine. That’s why we have designed a personal fitness trainer course which will suit everyone’s needs collectively. With this course, you will not only learn how to stay fit but learn how to keep your clients at the top of their health too.

An Overview of our Fitness Instructor Courses

We realize that some training routines might work on some of our students but the rest who they don’t work on due to various reasons can always opt for our variety of fitness trainer courses to major at.

Personal Trainer Instructor Course

For an uplifting and rewarding career as a personal fitness trainer, choose our personal trainer instructor course.

Studio Cycling Workshop

Learn to lose through cycling in our studio cycling workshop, where you strengthen your limbs through bikes.

Metabolic Conditioning Course

Cleanse yourself from the inside out with our metabolic conditioning course where you learn to lead a healthy lifestyle through exercise.

Exercise to Music Instructor Course

Sometimes with point and shoot, the camera doesn’t capture the true beauty of what you see with your eyes. If you are a huge music fan, enrol in our exercise to music instructor course and lose while on the move.

Level 3 Personal Training diploma

Already a fitness instructor? Enhance your skills with our level 3 personal training diploma and give your clients something extra.

Gym Based Boxing Workshop

Sports and fitness go hand in hand. Join our gym based boxing workshop and get in shape today.

Career prospects for a Personal Fitness Trainer

Everything these days is being done by computers and physical activity has decreased than ever before. People prefer to hire personal fitness instructors who are qualified through personal fitness instructor courses so that they can see visible results in limited time. As a personal fitness trainer, not only will you be targeting people who are overweight but also people who have health issues in various hospitals and asylums.

Make up to £30,000 Per annum as a personal fitness instructor

It has become easier to find clientele and work someplace as a personal fitness trainer as compared to the previous years. You can work at various gyms, sports complexes and hospitals. You can also start as a freelancer personal trainer to gain more experience in this field. Depending on your skill that you achieve through personal fitness trainer courses, the potential of growth in this industry increases.

Course Funding Options

Avail our 0% interest rate loan option and start training today. We give you the leverage of paying once you are done with your training so there are no worries to hold you back from becoming a professional.

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