LGV/HGV & PCV Driver Training
Get ready for your CAT C license

Our LGV driver training can become your ticket to a successful and rewarding career in the future. We provide CAT C licence training that allows you to drive a variety of large commercial vehicles. Our focus is to prepare our students for the HGV licence test so that they pass it in the first attempt. Our instructors always try to be as helpful as possible in predicting the test routes and routine assessments.

Overview of our LGV Training & PCV Bus Driver Training

With our PCV bus driver training, you can drive a commercial bus or a coach which is a respectful and beneficial career since years. You might think what is the quality of our HGV training that we provide our students? The answer is simple; our motto is to provide theoretical and practical knowledge about HGV driver training without burdening our students too much. Below are the licence categories we offer the training for.

CAT C Licence

for vehicles weighing 3500 kg with trailers below 750 kg


for vehicles weighing 3500 kg with trailers weighing 750 kg


for vehicles weighing between 3500 to 7500 kg with trailers below 750 kg


for vehicles weighing between 3500 to 7500 with trailers weighing 750 kg

LGV/HGV Driver Training

We want you to become a part of the transportation and logistics industry through our HGV training so that you can have a secure career.

PCV Bus Driver Training

Get your hands on a CAT D licence with our PCV bus driver training so that you can earn thousands.

Forklift Operator Training

Learn how to operate a forklift effectively through our forklift operator training.

Career Prospects & Job Opportunities in Transport Industry

Every mile that you drive after your HGV driver training or PCV bus driver training, you will be closer to success and growth. Because of the shortage of skilled and professional drivers in the country, we have taken it in our hands to produce productive drivers who contribute in the development of the country. So many drivers have found HGV jobs because of our HGV training and are making a good amount of money.

Make up to £30,000 per annum with HGV jobs

You can easily find HGV jobs in London and other areas of the country with great benefits. Hundreds of HGV jobs are listed everyday on different portals by transportation industries. A career in this industry is nothing less than amazing.

Course Funding Options

If you don’t have the funds to train then we are always by your side to help. We offer our students 0% interest rate loan option where they can start their HGV training and pay once they are done with it.

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